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Shayona Transport- 3PL logistics Melbourne specialist, we understand your needs of the logistics. We believe that the cookie-cutter approach to 3PL doesn’t give the optimum outcome. So, we provide the service to the clients who knows their needs and understand their business requirements.

This Is A Tailored Solution And To Assist The Client In Optimising The Process And Deliver Excellent Service Is Our Only MOTTO.

When you choose as your logistic partner to Shayona Transport, you will find in us a business which is dedicated to keeping us on the top of the industry. We construct the detailed and business-specific strategies that can be suitable for your needs and with the tailored approach, it can make the 3PL- third party logistics easier.
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What Is 3PL?

3PL is an abbreviation of Third Party Logistics, means it is the outsourcing of different services to a specialist provider. The 3PL specialist can take care of storing, managing and also dispatching every sized companies and industries’ orders. You can make your big task a stress-free, hassle-free.
By forwarding the legacy, we have served in this industry from 20 Years. We have already helped many businesses to dispatch intranational as well as international successfully. We believe in quality control to complete your order. The customised solution is made with a streamlined process that can save your money and time on essential procedures.

Believe Us, and This Solution Suits Your Budget, Needs And Your Time Frame…

Offering the core services as you want! As you get bigger and need more space, we can make the solution to suit

Get A Tailored Solution With The Flexible & Agile 3PL Warehouse Facilities Melbourne Service

A comprehensive 3PL warehouse facilities Melbourne service grow with your business and adapt to your different circumstances that are made by our expert team. Whether you need only a few services or a full package such as 3PL warehousing, kitting and all , we will let you know that we are ready to provide the ideal solution.

We are specialised in Multi-component picking, we take and complete the most complex orders in the time frame. Smooth transactions are delivered whether you are fulfilling orders, storing inventory or delivering something to another part of the country. A dedicated logistics arm that can be able to match your unique needs to our strategy with an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Check The Benefits For Your 3PL Warehouse & Robust The Technical Solutions,

A Dedicated Client Account Portal With The Real-Time Online Access
Provide 24/7 Response To Reports And Enquiries
Inventory Control
Full Traceability
Efficient To Every Process
It Is Provided By In-House IT Infrastructure
We Are Able To Provide Solutions With – A Flexible Approach, Kitting, Seasonal Services & Multi-Component Picking. We Work Throughout Australia And Provide The Strategic 3PL Logistics & Warehousing Services Make The Transport Plan In Motion Within The Time Limit.

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