Renting a warehouse facility for long or short term storage

SHAYONA TRANSPORT understands the need for warehousing and logistics as it is all about getting products to customer accurately, professionally and fast. Our warehouse facilities Melbourne promises to keep customers’ goods safe. We provide a place where one can store their belonging that is not required at the moment.

We provide special customer privileges, including access card for their goods as most of the customer, look for a clean, dry, and secure warehouse facility. Thus warehouses are open on all days of the week and can be accessed anytime. Our company even offer service on holidays.

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Need moving storage? Is a part of those warehouse facilities Melbourne?

We serve for moving to of the country or relocating within the same country, moving storage service is available for all. SHAYONA TRANSPORT companies include moving boxes, purchase boxes; taps, locks and bubble wrap to keep any of the stuff safeguarded.


Our storage units have hi-tech security fences and digitally locked gates, which make it another reason why most of the customer should store his belongings here at our warehouse facility, Melbourne.


Today importing or exporting, wholesale, and freight shipping industries need storage space to protect valuable merchandise and need it fast. Our company could handle logistic from fright receipt to freight ship often include a brief time-space to rent is a chief concern. Customer can have to secure temporary storage, and warehouse facilities Melbourne to solve any unique shipper’s need.


Mostly; the customer gets locating the right warehouse to store their goods meant the difference between their product being placed in consumers hands, to ruined merchandise and costly dips in profit. Use warehouse facilities, Melbourne for your small or big business storage facility, which means that customer can rest easy knowing the order is being fulfilled and shipped correctly.

Our warehouse management terms can fill orders and ship to stores directly to customers. Thus the process of rules are processed by the warehouse crew and tracked accordingly.


The warehouse storage system includes:

Pallet racks



Industrial shelving

Automated storage

Retrieval systems

Thus an existing facility offers to store cars and tremendous good or products. Additionally, warehouse facilities add to other aspects of security guards monitor the warehouse day in and day out. The storage space is right for business.


We meet to a very high standard and public demands it, high quality faced service for warehouse facilities Melbourne. While accommodating the needs that take new technology and excellent staff, as we provide a logistic function, as the higher quality is required, that means that service has changed, such as computerized inventory and it needs to be managed efficiently.

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